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how does Tornado work?

The improved 'patented design' of a Tornado stump grinder head:

  1. Supports the tungsten cutting teeth from behind - so as to prevent them from being bent backwards & broken.
  2. Protects the front of the tungsten cutting teeth against wear and erosion.
  3. Protects the heads of the installation bolts from wear and erosion.
  4. Controls the grinder cutting speed and reduces the risk of thrown object damage.
  5. Gives an easily repeatable tooth installation position.
  6. Allows for greater plunge cutting, a wider range of sweep cutting angles and much faster root chasing.
  7. Significantly reduces operator effort - by allowing the grinder to be operated in a greater 'fore & aft' fashion at peak torque RPM.
  8. Allows for a greater use of engine power & torque – due to the increased rotating mass of the head.
  9. Gives a smoother 'operator feel' to the stump grinder.

See it in action..